Warhorse (Scuderia limited edition)

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WARHORSE is the analogue multi-effect made in collaboration with the Italian underground techno label SCUDERIA.

Composed of VCA, VCF, distortion and delay all connected internally.

The input section features an integrated VCA with the addition of a distortion circuit.

The VCF section is inspired by Wasp multi-mode filter (LP-BP-HP-Notch): the two inputs allow to control the frequency with positive and negative voltages.

The DELAY section is a digital/analogue hybrid that reproduces the classic vintage BBD/Echo tape delay.
The delay time range goes from 0.05ms to 1.1sec.

The CV control of the delay time gives the possibility to create unpredictable repetitions, while the loop on/off button loops the last repetition. The feedback is characterized by a control knob that gives the possibility to darken or lighten the repetitions.

16 HP

50 mm deep

60 mA +12V

35 mA -12V




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