Manto Dynamics Compressor


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Manto is a powerful and compact module designed to give power,dynamics and brilliance in a eurorack system,
its design is oriented on the most emblazoned systems for audio processing,built with
analog components without the use of digital DSP.
You can easily create your own sound with its easy and intuitive interface.

Manto is divided into 3 internally normalized cores.


3 parametric bands based on the circuit model of the Urei 545 equalizer.
Variable Q with a Q bandwidth between a maximum of 2.7 octaves to just over 1/6 allowing tight notches,boosts and lifts.
All bands offer reciprocal boosts or cuts of +/-12 dB.
6 switch-selectable frequency modes.
Low Band : 35-230hz/80-520hz*
Mid Band : 260-1.6k/820-5.2k*
High Band : 1.2-7.3k/2.4-16k*
Bypass for each band.
EQ OUT: independent equalizer output (this output has a lower signal level).

*Measuring using Pinknoise

Inspired by the best analog studio compressors, it is built using an OTA amplifier.
COMP LEV: Input gain/threshold to adjust the amount of compression (indicated by LED)
ATTACK: sets the attack value
RELEASE: sets the release value
CV: controls the compression level using an external voltage control.

Compression ratio 6:1 approx.
Attack time 30uS to 30mS
Decay time 15mS to 1S
Frequency response 3Hz to 30kHz (-3dB)

The saturator is a Tape Saturator Diode, designed to simulate the effects of analog tape compression.
GAIN IN: Gain of the input signal.
SAT LEV: Saturation level
MAKE UP: Level of the post-processing signal.

pre-emphasis of 70 microseconds (2.25 KHz)
de-emphasis of 70 microseconds



Deep 35 mm

+12V 50mA

-12V 50mA

+5V 0mA