Gorgone V2 multi fx


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Gorgone was our first module and we decided to present it again in a new and improved version.
Gorgone is an analog multi-effect equipped with a vcf, a distortion, a delay and a stereo output with cv pan.
The effects are internally chained following the order VCF–>DISTORSION–>DELAY–>STEREO OUT.
The effects can be used in different order, individually or mixed together and thanks to the voltage controls you can create new sounds.

VCF 12db/oct multi-mode filter (LP-BP-HP)self-oscillating that generates a perfect sine wave.Range 160hz-12khz

DISTORTION inspired by the MXR M-104 distortion: the cv control on the DRIVE and an output amplifier allow high levels of distortion.

DELAY section is a digital/analogue hybrid that reproduces the classic Vintage BBD/ECHO TAPE delay.
Delay time:min 0.05 max 2.00 sec.
Setting values ​​greater than 1 second, the sound of the delay will create artifacts.
Cv control time and cv control wet out (the wet output is routed to a vca, and via the cv you can control the opening of the vca).

STEREO OUT with PAN control via CV.



HP 18
35mm Deep
90 mA +12
35 mA -12