Dominus dual complex VCO


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Dominus is a dual complex vco Saw Core with integrated wavefolder. Each VCO is independent and has 4 waveforms and all the classic basic VCO controls, with a very stable 1v/oct control up to 10 octaves. The wavefolder section is independent and inside is connected to the vco, through the switches you can select one of the 3 waveforms, you can mix the two vcos or use only one. By modifying the sound in a non-linear way the wavefolder will create wonderful sounds. The Radius potentiometer adjusts the range over a certain frequency band. In the CV control you can use envelopes, lfos, and sequencers to create very complex soundscapes.The SHAPE knob adjusts, modifies and distorts the final result. The VCO1 and VCO2 potentiometers adjust the level of each VCO, various level settings will create very different sounds.


Frequency range: min.6hz  max.24.000hz

Power: +12V 70mA
-12V 70mA

Deep: 35mm

HP 24