Dogon Drum Synth


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Dogon is a module for creating a multitude of percussive sounds.
With Dogon you can create from the classic and iconic kick, tom, snare drum and hi-hat sounds of the most famous and historic drum machines or you can unleash your creativity with the available modulation inputs that allow you the creation of a multitude of sounds.
Dogon is divided into three different voices/sections and each voice has a Mix control for the master level out plus each voice has a separate dedicated output (these outputs have no distortion).
A distortion on the master level enriches the final sound and thanks to a potentiometer for handling Dry/Wet (also controlled by voltage) you can decide how much distortion or dry sound to have.
In this module we have tried to offer as many modulations as possible precisely to give the user the opportunity to experiment and create the sound he or she prefers.
Dogon is compact but very powerful and the user can create both powerful and destructive percussive sounds for Techno and classic electronic percussion

HP 20

DEEP: 35 mm


+12V 70mA
-12V 35mA